Happy [PP1-Grade 5] Cute Water-Repellent, Easy To Clean High Quality Kids School Bag pk-3005


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-Cute design school bags for boys, suitable for Grades 1-6
-High-quality material
-Comfortable and breathable back
-Waterproof and wear-resistant
-Cushion Belt and a large capacity
-Sturdy zippers
-Padded shoulder straps keep the pressure off

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999 in stock

This colorful curved backpacks are anti-humpback, classic and stylish. The back pad is designed to apply to the back without being exposed, does not make the child uncomfortable, absorbs sweat well, has a soft cushion to help reduce the weight of things on the child’s shoulders, avoid sagging shoulders and The design of the pad helps to prevent the back from hunching. The pair of box-shaped anti-hunchback backpacks has a smartly designed back cushion, floating tendons, minimizing pain and discomfort in the shoulder or back, so that the child is comfortable even when wearing the backpack for a long time. Light weight with a safe spine pad that has been tested and certified to ensure health requirements. The pair will help limit back and shoulder curvature in your child as it has adjustable shoulder straps. The backpack’s zipper is easy to open and close. The side design has two small pockets on both sides for children to hold water bottles, milk. The main compartment has a main compartment and many auxiliary compartments, so it is comfortable to store school supplies for children in an orderly manner. This waterproof schoolbag is a fashionable bag full of personality. Great in detail and and good for your child’s personal collection. This backpack has a high end design. It is made from durable fabric. High quality breathability system, absorbent’ stay dry and comfortable. It is an ideal item for children to carry as a school backpack, hiking backpack, travelling bag or as a shopping backpack. The bag is unisex hence it can be used by both boys and girls. On the hunt for affordable- priced backpack? Browse our website to find the ideal pick! Here, you can shop for a wide range of quality backpacks at very affordable prices.
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